How to make money as a web developer?(7 income sources)

If you’re a front-end developer, back-end developer or full-stack developer and asking yourself this question: I’m a web developer, so how can I make money with my skill? Then I hope you will find the answer in this guide.
You don’t need any degree to make money with webdevelopment. And that is because companies and people nowdays look for someone who can do the job and do it perfectly rather than someone that has a degree but no experience or real skills.
Being a webdeveloper comes with great pay and flexibility, but in this blog we’ll not be talking about ways to make money that will consume all your time and energy every day, we’ll not be talking about getting a 9h to 5h job and staying in the office all day long to make money or being a freelance web developer charging for an hourly rate. We’ll see other aspects and ways to make money without having to sacrifice your entire time and life for that little salary you get by the end of the month.

These are great ways to make extra money and more to help you fund your next big web project or retire early. You may have to put in efforts in the beginning, but once your business is on track, it will provide you with a recurring income for life.
You might want to check out these seven different ways to earn money as a web developer, and know how you can turn your development skills into income, so let’s discover how to make passive income as a webdeveloper.

1)- Online courses

Today, there are million if not billion of people buying online courses. The way we learn has changed a lot since few years now, and all information is available online, either for free or in exchange for a price.

In the programming industry, many people are looking to become the best developers ever. It could be for them to find a job as a software engineers or to make their own websites.

But either ways, they need someone to teach them the basics, the tip and tricks and the concepts of a programming language, and why not provide them with some projects where they can get their hands dirty, and that someone could be YOU.

Many people dream of being webdevelopers and build amazing websites and landing pages. If you are a programmer, and you feel comfortable with teaching the webdeve

lopement languages (HTML,CSS and JavaScript) then you understand very well the challenges that people face when they first get introduced to a programming language like JavaScript. Not only the syntax of a language can be difficult, but also the way a computer understands the instructions is very different from how we, human beings, understand the instructions. And this is where the majority of people get stuck.

Your role then will be to create a simplified online course that you can host on some platforms like Udemy. People are willing to pay for online webdevelopement c

ourses although there are tones of free resources out there. Why would you ask? Because simply they look to perfect their coding skills and stand out in this world full of competition.

You will get paid on every single sale you make and also you get to set your own price.These platforms take a commission but hey, you will receive the big part of the cake 😉

Another way to host your online course is to pick an innovative online course creation platform like Thinkifik and create your course there.

In Thinkfik you can get a lot of help and they have an amazing customer support, and you will not have to pay any commission, you will get the whole cake. They have all the tools (Where to upload videos, Quiz, Resources…), everything your students need.

Creating and selling online courses is one of the best ways to generate passive income. You put in the hard work once, and once you are done, you can benefit from a recurring stream of passive income for years and years.

If you don’t know what lessons to explain or to start with, or what your students might need you to explain, simply ask yourself the following questions:

  • When I got this idea of building a website, where did I start first ? What languages I started leaning first? Did I jump directly to JavaScript or did I start with HTML?
  • What concepts I struggled to understand? Because the concepts I struggled with are most likely those people still struggle with so far.
  • When I finally understood these concepts, how did the person I watched their videos or read their blogs explained them?
  • Out of all the information out there, what was lacking for me so that I struggled that much? Was it lack of tutorials, or lack of projects and exercises for the students to practice more and more?

Brainstorming your ideas will help you identify your students need and make courses that can be tailored to meet your students requirements.

2)- Blogging

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money this crazy time and turn your development skills into income. People are blogging every single day about different topics. It goes from health and fitness to high-tech to marketing to hot topics like politics.

There are more than 600 million blogs in the internet today according to Google, and if you wonder if we still need more, the short answer is YES.

Why? Simply because the way you will explain a topic is not the same way another person will explain the same topic, and the information you will give is not necessarily the same information the other person will give. So yes, we need more content because we have different styles and levels of understanding.

So why not start blogging about coding and how to make websites with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, since there is a huge demand in this area?

How can you write a blog about technical content you would ask?

You can consider each blog like a tutorial, and start writing content where you explain to people every lesson in detail.

You can check on social media like Facebook groups and Reddit and Twitter… where people get stuck, and what are the type of questions they ask, and start writing a response to these questions in your blog.

People will appreciate that because if there was enough content in the internet, or if all the content in the internet was easy to understand, people will not continue asking questions. This is a proof that people need more content in a different and simpler way to understand.

There are many Free platforms where you can start blogging. One of them is Hashnode.

I’m talking about this platform because I discovered it myself lately and it is a very simple and amazing platform made for programmers and people there post blogs about all languages (Java, C, C++, Python, JavaScript, HTML…) every day.

And what is amazing in this platform is that they show your blogs to different Hashnode members organically. So you can reach many people without paying a dime. I’m a member in Hashnode and I post blogs about HTML, CSS and JavaScript every week.

You can also host your own website if you don’t want to blog on another platform. You can make your blog with WordPress and host it with blueHost.

Bluehost also has an impressive WordPress hosting plan, and many WordPress builders choose Bluehost as one of the best hosting services because of the accessibility it provides.

How you will make money from a blog ?

Well, there are many ways to make money from a blog. Using Ads is one of them, but you can also use affiliate marketing.

If you have a product your audience is interested in, you can join an affiliate program and link to their product in your blog. And whenever a purchase is made through the link you added to your website you will earn commissions. They can be recurring commissions or one time commissions. But either way you will still make money.

3)- Buy scripts (code canyon)

If you don’t want to build an app or a website from scratch, there is a simple way to make money. And that is by buying already made scripts from Code Canyon.

There are millions of ready scripts made by others and ready to be sold for just 10$, 15$, or 30$. It is a completely functional script that you just buy and host in a server and voilà, your website is ready.

This method is very simple for everyone, even for a beginner or a junior developer with some coding skills.

The best part is that you can add some HTML, CSS and JavaScript if you want to. You can change the layout of your HTML page or add other features using JavaScript. This way you will not have to code everything from scratch, but only add some features that will attract more users to your website.

4)- Buy a website

Yes you can! There are many websites that are waiting to be sold. Many websites that already have their own customers and audience and generate revenue, either through advertising, or membership, or buying and selling activities, and are just here waiting for you.

You can buy one of these websites and improve them by adding some code.

One of the best website sellers is Flippa. They have a very professional team and they are very careful with their websites selection.

There are some great websites in there that cost only 100$ and generate already a revenue. So you can have a source of income right away if you want.

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5)- Start a YouTube channel

If you don’ like blogging or making courses there is always another way to do things. You can start making youtube videos where you explain and show people how do you get this or this result.

Videos are always engaging and people like them a lot, and you can add them also to your blog if you have one to drive more traffic and build your online presence.

You can earn money from advertising and sponsorship, and also affiliate links that you can link on in the description of the video.

6)- Make your own website / app

For the most ambitious that want to go an extra mile you can make your own website from scratch and it can be about any topic you feel comfortable with. You can make landing pages, or a website about cooking, or a tool website that people will use every day like a website for SEO analysis or a pdf converter or an image compressor… This kind of websites bring a lot of traffic because people always look for free tools websites that they can use to help them scale their business.

You can also build an app and make it available on Android and IOS and earn money either by selling it or running ads.

7)- Sell e-books

Creating e-books is another way to and make some extra income with coding. eBooks can be as little as a few pages, to hundreds of pages long, depending on the content and how much you’re willing to dive in.

eBooks don’t need any shipment or logistics management, you can sell them directly on platforms like Amazon. That makes it easier for you and your students to receive the material instantly after payment.

You can make e-books for complete beginners or advanced level students who have advanced knowledge. You can focus on the front-end development or the back-end development. The choice is yours and this is the best thing in writing an e-book, you’re free to start where you want.


This blog explains 7 income sources to make money online as a web developer. Earning money online as a developer may start slowly, but it can build up over time and become a passive income stream.

Many opportunities are out there in the market and you have just to seize them.

So in your opinion, what are some other ways to earn money and make some extra income by coding? Other income sources than being a freelance developer with an hourly rate.Let us know in the comments below.

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